Slice of Life returns!


Fox Diary

So this season, we have a Hidamari-ish anime! Actually we might have 2, but I’m not sure about the other one yet.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Aiura 1
  • Yuyushiki 1

Starting off with Aiura, the one that I’m not sure about. Whoops. It’s just a 3-minute short, but DAMN it’s cute.
Look at dat background detail!

Next: Yuyushiki!
This one is from the same artist that gave us Hidamari Sketch! It’s a shame it isn’t SHAFT animating this one though, I’ll miss the wide faces.
Okay I guess not. There’s wide faces too, though not wide enough.
Within one episode, it’s quite evident that all 3 girls are easy-going and fun to watch, especially the 2 idiots + that one tsukkomi girl. Must be tough, having 2 energetic lovable idiots around you all the time.
Looking forward to this every week! It’s the new moe dose for this season!…

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